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Use our intuitive building system to create world you want!

Players that own parcels within the Outlands will be able to construct anything their heart desires on their land.

Anything built upon these lands can be bought and sold in the in-game and web based marketplaces


Explore 100km² of player owned spaces

All parcels within the Outlands can be bought and sold between players upon public release.

In addition to player made spaces within the expansive Outlands, team curated hub worlds allow for easy places for players to meet and interact

Express Yourself

Customize your characters however you want

In-game characters come with a vast array of different customizaiton options that can be earned in-game and bought and sold on the marketplace

Get Early Access

Access the game early by owning a Founder Cow NFT

Your founder cow NFT allows you access to the game and any updates early and represents a unique character within Outlands

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Charity is baked in to every part of the Milk and Butter Ecosystem

Every in-game and out-of-game transaction utilizing the Milk and Butter Token collects a 5% fee to be donated to various charity partners suppored by Milk and Butter


Total amount donated

Our Supported Charities

Food for Life Global

Food for Life Global (FFLG) serves as the headquarters for an international network of 240 affiliate projects in 60 countries serving up to 2 million plant-based meals daily. To date, the US based charity's network has served over 7 billion free meals and is the world’s largest food relief organization.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. [We] save the lives of malnourished children. [We] ensure everyone can access clean water, food, training and healthcare. [We] enable entire communities to be free from hunger. Last year alone, Action Against Hunger served more than 17 million people in 46 countries.


Good360’s mission is to close the need gap by partnering with socially responsible companies to source highly needed donated goods and distribute them through our vast network of vetted and diverse nonprofits. Good360 is the link between organizations with so much to give and communities in critical need, closing that gap and opening up new opportunities for all.

Beast Philanthropy

Beast Philanthropy currently operates a food pantry with a mobile food distribution network, established to address the food insecurity needs of remote and under-served food deserts. These are communities who don’t have access to traditional food banks or food pantries. Our innovative mobile food distribution model allows us to service a number of communities, transporting meals to the people who need it most.

Milk and Butter Token

  • 5% Charity

    5% of transactions using the Milk and Butter token are collected to fund charities supported by Milk and Butter

  • 3% Expenses Fee

    3% of Milk and Butter transactions are used to fund futher development of the Milk and Butter Ecosystem

  • 1% Redistribution

    Milk and Butter Holders will receive 2% of every transaction proportional to their share of the total supply

  • 1% Liquidity

    The Milk and Butter Butter Token contract takes 1% of every transaction and locks those tokens into a liquidity pair to ensure tradeability

Milk and Butter products are powered by the Milk and Butter Token

The Milk and Butter Token is a Charity/Burn/Staking Rewards Token that underlies any in-game and out-of-game interactions with Milk and Butter products

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